Lila was born April 1st 2017, and We bought her to nurse Bessie to use half the milk and too raise another milk cow so we can swap off and never have to go with out milk.


baby chick


We have been raising chickens for years but after we got Mt Carmel Farm we started greatly increased out flock.  We bought 50 in early may 2018 and expect them to start laying about 20 weeks.  in Aug. we are getting another 100 which will take us to over 200.

Mt Carmel Farm


Great Pyrenees are great livestock guardian dogs



Hay is the main crop that is grown on the farm.  We are looking are what to plant to make the farm self sustaining.  Corn oats barley…

Always something to build.

Here we are moving the second design of the chicken house.  Fences and pens are always changing

Cicken House